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Hope everyone is having a great New Year. Time for a Big Woody holler out to all of our friends and enemies alike. We wish the best to all. No matter who you are. Lots of love and musical notation. Peace out! ... See MoreSee Less

Check out The Di Evans Band playing live, tomorrow, Sunday July 10 at 3pm until 7pm on the deck at The Lake Harding Marina, Ga. Side. Bring a friend, a chair or just bring yourself. ... See MoreSee Less

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Facebook is so nosey. They're telling me I haven't posted anything on our site in a while. Ok, here you go. Go to the Di Evans Band page and like it if you haven't already.Chances are you'll know the pic on the face page. This is to let you know that something is about to go down. Soon enough, very soon, almost there like soon, and if you're looking close enough, in a few short whiles, there will be LIVE music again. Just taking a break from the rigors of the night life. I know everyone is scared to go out and have a night on the town because of our trusting officials that want to put a squeeze on our having an adult beverage or two, But we can't let them tell us how to act and how responsible we should or shouldn't be. I know all of our friends are trustworthy and responsible individuals. We'd like to let you know we still love all of our FB friends and have only taken a brief sit back spell to get some breathing done. Regroup and come out swinging. We will be back soon. Definitely on May 20 at our Uptown Concert appearance. The Di Evans Band. Come and get you some good vibrations, and dance to the new and old music we have been known for Thanks for understanding our need to relax somewhat. Okay, Rant over. Have a nice evening and get off your duff and dance a little JIG. YeeHaw!!! ... See MoreSee Less